About Powerline Lighting Control Pty Ltd (PLLC)

PLLC UPB lighting control products are produced/manufactured by Powerline Lighting Control Pty Ltd

(PLLC), a lighting control industry leader. PLLC licenses to PCS who are the developers, and manufactures of reliable, high-quality lighting control products for the 120 Volt 50 Hz residential and industrial/commercial markets.

Our PLLC UPB Lighting control products, can be used as stand alone or part of a integrated Automation system for either Residential or Commercial applications
Power Line Lighting Control Pty Ltd, (PLLC) is the authorised licensed manufacturer of 240 Volt 50 Hz UPB products for the Worldwide 240 Volt 50 Hz market.

Power Line Lighting Control Pty Ltd is based in Vore St, Silverwater, NSW.

All innovative design/modifications and repairs are carried out at our Silverwater premises, while all manufacturing runs are done at our Seven Hills factory employing some of the latest PCB tooling and machinery equipment available

Powerline Lighting Control Pty Ltd, endeavours to keep at the forefront of development within the lighting control arena.

PLLC have developed an AC Filter (conditioner)  for Air Conditioners using a variable Speed Drive. Traditionally all invertors will produce corrupted AC Sine Waves which can cause havoc with UPB products . Our filter placed at the output of the invertors will remove this corruption proving a smooth Sinusoidal wave form

Another PLLC innovative device used to interface between the incoming power into the residence and the outgoing to the premise. This provides an Impedance Matching between the I/N and O/G resulting savings in power transfer reducing energy consumption.

Awards for UPB
* ADEX Design Journal Award (2006)
* Product of the Year in 2004 – UPB – by Electronic House
* Top 50 Editor's Pick in 2003 – UPB – by Home Automation
* Top 50 Editor's Pick in 2000 - Fluorescent Smartswitch - by CEPro magazine
* Top 50 Editor's Pick in 1999 -Multi-Module - by CEPro magazine
* Home Automation and Networking Association Product of the Year 1999
* Top 50 Editor's Pick in 1998 - Lighting Control Module - by CEPro magazine

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