PLLC are proud to announce the release of their UPB compliant Cold Cathode T8 Fluorescent lighting tube.

Emphasis to-day is on “Energy Reduction’…..something we at PLLC take very seriously.

Our new Cold Cathode Fluros, (Cold Cathode)….emits negligible heat!….unlike traditional CFL or the newly presented technology “LED” Fluros.

Any heat generated by conventional lighting – Halogen or LED or conventional CFLs….needs to be removed. This means an additional “COST” to all users with the additional Air Conditioning costs required, to dissipate this generated HEAT!

Consider a traditional CFL twin…generating approx 92 watts
..and compare this to a PLLC Cold Cathode twin…..generating approx 44.9 watts!!!!

This is a savings of 47.1 Watts !!!!!!

This is regarded as a major WIN for all Building operators/owners, be it Private….Government……Hospitality…etc

Car parks normally housing between hundreds to thousand of Fluros…..can DRAMATICLY reduce their energy expenditure as well as their building WATTAGE usage!!!

PLLC Cold Cathode Fluros

1.    50,000 Hrs Life span
2.    3 years warranty
3.    Full Australian Compliance
4.    Starter “Never Needs Replacement”…greatly reduces starter maintenance costs
5.    Simple installation….electrician not required…no modifications
6.    Normal Twin Fluros….92 Watts
PLLC Twin Cold Cathode Fluro ……43 Watts…
7.    Excellent ROI
8.    No degrading colour on ends of tube  as per old CFL Fluros….once again further reducing maintenance costs

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