UPB Compliant Dimmable Downlight

*Fits directly into existing 50 watt Halogen Holder
*Can select any lighting fixture requested  by end user, that accepts MR16 gimbal
*Fully warranted for PLLC UPB systems…UPB  COMPLIANT
*Can be dimmed to 1%....wattage at 1% is 1Watt....great savings on wattage when dimmed
*No flickering when dimming or dimmed to a lower level
*9 watt LED, approx. 650 Lumens…..direct replacement for 50 Watt Halogen MR 16 connection
*Fully EMC compliant – creates  NO “AC NOISE DISTORTION”
*Works with…..Leading….Trailing…and Universal 2 wire dimmers
*Uses “Highest” quality Japanese “NICHA” LEDs!
*Available for 110V as well as 240 Volt 50/60 Hz supply

1: LED Light has 9 highest quality Japanese made NICHIA LEDs each producing 100lm/W.  Nichia is the inventor of WHITE LEDS. There are no other electronics in light so LEDS can run efficiently with smaller heatsink that is the same size as MR16 Halogen.
Note: LED light does have a Universal DC connection to driver so it can be plugged in any polarity.
2: 100% light for light replacement for a 50W Halogen lamp.                                       
* 650 lumen of Warm White Color (same as 50W Halogen)                                           
* 60 Deg beam angle with round wall wash (lights up the same pattern area as 50W Halogen)            * Plugs into 99% of GIMBALS (holders) so you can buy any color or style holder you like.    
2: Anti glare lens opaque diffuser, less glare than an 50W Halogen. Having 9 LEDS spreads the light source (like LED traffic lights) and the Anti glare lens opaque diffuser does the rest.
3: Power consumption 9 Watts for Light and 3 Watts for driver, total 12Watts. Compared to 50W for Halogen  light and 10 Watts for transformer, total 60Watts.  ***That is a 48 Watt saving per light***
4: Highest quality Philips European parts used in LED driver to ensure highest efficiency, long life and fully flicker free dimming by 99% of dimmer types and control methods down to 1%!!!
The LED driver can be controlled by:                                                                 A: Leading edge (or forward phase control) Triac 2 wire Clipsal or HPM, UPB, Phillips Dynalite or CBUS dimmers.
B: Trailing edge (or reverse phase control) Triac 2 wire Clipsal or HPM, UPB, Phillips Dynalite or CBUS dimmers.
C: Universal MOSFET 2 wire Clipsal UPB dimmers.
**Note: 2 wire wall dimmers with no NEUTRAL connection can only dim down to 10%.














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