PLLC UPB Slaves come in 1, 2, 4 & 6 Gang configuration and require Active and Neutral wires. 
Prior to placing in Setup Mode, it is recommended to always “Default” the unit.
1.    Remove the Front Faceplate

2.    Press the EF Button 5 times….LED begins to flash…ELF button can be found on Electronic board

3.    Press the FK button 10 times… FK button can be found on Electronic board

4.    Then Press the EL button 2 times…LED stops flashing….the Unit has now be defaulted

5.    Repeat Steps 1 & 2, to now place the defaulted unit in Setup Mode…Press EL button 5 times, to put device into Setup Mode

6.    By using the UPSTART Software, downloaded from the PLLC Web site, you can now discover your UPB device and place or create your NEW Network

7.    The UPSTART Wizard can provide a Step by Step procedure for installation


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